Code of Vegetarian Cuisine, Pietro Leemann

The "Code of Vegetarian Cuisine" is considered an essential tool to create a vegetarian cuisine of the highest quality, born on a cultural horizon open from East to West, and which knows how to respect the living beings and the planet we live on. Chef Pietro Leemann - a sure reference at international level - wanted to define the new canon of vegetarian cuisine after thirty years of experience on these pages. This is no longer a niche sector, but a fundamental part of the global gastronomic culture, one of the most dynamic and stimulating today. It is therefore essential to learn about the ingredients, the techniques, but also the essential scientific and philosophical foundations of vegetarian cuisine, with a book that has been missing until now and is indispensable both for experts and for passionate lovers of great cuisine.

Publisher: Giunti
ISBN: 9788809887169

CHF 115

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