Prepaid card

The prepaid card is advantageous, convenient, not personal and therefore transferable. It can be topped up with an amount of your choice and is therefore ideally suited as a gift card for a maximum of 1'000 chf not cumulative.

When purchasing the card, you choose the initial amount (for different or higher amounts, please contact us at The card can be reloaded at a later date in the restaurant.

The card, which can be used for all BLU services and products, at the same time provides generous benefits.

CHF 200 - 399 + 5%
CHF 400 - 599 + 8%
CHF 600 e 1'000 + 10%

  • (CHF 100)
  • (CHF 200)
  • (CHF 400)
  • (CHF 500)
  • (CHF 1000)
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